Surgical Services

We are proud of our single purpose, well equipped surgery room and safe anesthesia protocols.  During anesthesia, patients are monitored with a cardiac monitor and pulse oximeter. We offer isoflurane for gas anesthesia.

If surgery is recommended for your pet, our veterinarian(s) will order a pre-surgical exam and blood tests to assess the animal’s worthiness to receive anesthesia and undergo the procedure.

Just as you would expect from your human surgeon, patients are consistently monitored throughout the surgical procedure and the post-operative period. The animal’s health status is carefully tracked with the use of diagnostic tools such as pulse oximeter (percentage of oxygen in the blood), ECG (electrocardiogram of the heart and vessels) and Doppler blood pressure equipment.


Laser Surgery

Recent advances in human medicine have carried over into veterinary medicine. We are one of a few veterinary hospitals in the area that has a laser surgery unit as part of its practice. The laser unit allows our veterinarians flexibility in the types of surgeries we can perform. In general, the laser unit creates incisions that bleed less and are less painful for the patient. This decreases the healing time thereby allowing your pet less discomfort after surgery. If your pet is undergoing surgery please ask your veterinarian if the laser unit will be helpful or stop by for a peek at this extraordinary piece of equipment. You can read more about laser surgery HERE.


Surgical Services

The most up to date anesthesia and surgical equipment allows us to perform many routine and non-routine surgical services while ensuring your pet’s safety and comfort.

Among the surgical services that our veterinarian(s) provide are:

  •     Declawing
  •     Spay and neuter surgery.
  •     Lacerations and abscesses.
  •     Tumor removal.
  •     Abdominal surgery.
  •     Ear/ eye surgeries.
  •     Oral/ periodontal surgery
  •     Emergency care (daytime)
  •     Orthopedic (bone) surgery, some of the orthopedic and soft tissue surgeries may be performed by board certified surgeon, Dr. Mary Lynn Stanton, DVM, PA, diplomate, American College of Veterinary Surgeons.

Post-operative care is closely managed by our veterinarians; should your pet require monitoring following the procedure. PAH Veterinarian (s) have a close relationship with specialists in dermatology, ophthalmology, internal medicine, radiology and ultrasonography in the area. If necessary, we will refer patients to these veterinary specialists.

Surgery Tools